We know patients have a choice and we appreciate their decision to receive dental care from Az Zahra’ Dental.

Today, an estimated millions of people have little or no access to affordable dental care. Sadly, for many people, dentistry has become discretionary – a “nice to have” instead of “must have” – and preventative care has fallen off the priority list altogether. It’s a crisis. And we are an important part of the solution. Together, Az Zahra’ Dental share a simple purpose: to help patients get the care they need. We’d love to have you join us in this mission to help give you a healthy mouth.

There is no single provider of dental care called “Az Zahra’ Dental”. Each Az Zahra’ Dental branded practice is owned and operated by a licensed dentist.  Services and office practices may vary across dental practices, and patients should contact the dental offices directly for all questions concerning their dental treatment.


  1. Your safety, our priority
  2. Treating patient with shariah compliance policy
  3. Ensuring our technology, knowledge and skills are current
  4. Decision making-made simple
  5. Practically pain-free dental care (strive to deliver high standard of care and treatment for you)
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It’s all about making you feel comfortable and welcome.

This is why we have put a a lot of thought and effort into your physical environment while you are in our clinic, It is designed to be comforting and conducive – for you to receive our expertise and for us to provide it. We want you to feel confident in our care and comfortable in our chair.


Serving you better

When you visit our clinic, you will receive a good customer services from our staff. You also receive a form of patient personal card. Filling up forms are never fun but by completing our records, you will allow us to serve you better. After you completing the registration form including your medical status and consent, you will be ushered into the treatment suite.

Routine examination

If you don’t have an urgent complaint, a routine examination will be conducted. The examination is to inform you of your general oral and dental health. You can expect information on the following ares:-

  1. Health of your gums
  2. Health of your teeth
  3. General level of hygiene and potential problems